Photos by @5thPhves, @FloralGracie, @jessmerrillphoto, and @_juliaolson.

Alberto alejandro


Growing up in upstate New York, I spent my time listening to music and hanging out with friends.  I was always the one with the camera, making videos, and taking photos of the events that I attended.  At first it was a hobby, however, I eventually realized content creation is something that I am meticulously passionate about.  I felt myself seeing the world as a place to create and capture the youthful aesthetic that is my generation. New York City and Los Angeles are where I carry out most of my services. On weekends I spend my time DJing and collaborating with other artists. Services: Web Design, Marketing Campaigns, Commercial Design, Photography, Videography, Logo Design, Social Media Makeovers, etc.


·       Photography: Portrait, Product, Fitness, Action, Lifestyle, and Event.

·       Video: Promotional Videos,  Music Video, Action Films, Short Films, and Portrait Videos.

·       Design/Editing Software: Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Premiere, etc.), Logic X Pro, Final Cut Pro, Traktor Pro 2, and NI Maschine.

·       Coding Language: Python